Sunday, November 13, 2005

m confused!!!!

Actually i like girls who'r intelligent,awesomely gorgeous,have that sense of sexuality which appeals to a man ! & hmm.. they shld also be a bit dominant..
I mean, not grls who jus keep their heads down and say 'yes' to the boys wishes. But some1 who questions the very existence of the relationship.
Some1 who's really cute, really sweet, with whom u feel like spending quality time. Some1 who'll jus blow your mind off every time you meet her.

At the same time my innerself asks me,
'Dont u want the perfect woman on this earth?? Do u think ur the perfect guy to expect all this...u want a barbie+cindrella+malika sherawat+indra gandhi+shakuntala devi in ur gf... damn it....guys expect so much from gals these days!!!!'
m confused. who's right, me or my innerself?