Friday, November 10, 2006

Naya daur…..nayi manzil

Well people if you are skeptical about the title then I should say why I opted for this. This is a catchy subtitle in one of the ads which is quite often seen on TV screens nowadays. The ad has a resemblance to me in the form of that hunky model. People who have been seeing me closely from past six/eight months might notice the change. Yeah you guessed it right. Amidst a lot of mixed reactions I have trimmed my long, silky hair to a decent length. Even though most of the people appreciated this I always liked that long hairy look. After all people love to see changes in everything they see. Whoa whoa …this is not all I want to say…

This happened on last Saturday night…..You may call it madness at night…..we drove for nearly 80 kms at midnight just to find a 24 hr-open CCD!!!!…I hope people of present generation won’t find it difficult to decipher the acronym…yeah its CafĂ© Coffee Day…. It was a strange and pleasant experience….it was decided just a day earlier….so we all geared up on last Saturday night for this event…we were 5….we started off at around 10 pm…cool breeze was blowing across and it was slightly drizzling…the environment was perfect….we had not taken food…so we landed in one of the many famous “#$%* mane“ restaurants on the Mysore road….. as we resumed our journey the rain picked up in volume…..heavy sound of the rain bustling outside the car and even louder was the sound from inside (song player + screaming)…we reached our destination, the CCD at around 12…had coffee/frappes/mocha/pastries for about 2 hours…..

Ambience was awesome....better than in some of the good restaurants in bengalooru…. The clock ticked 2 30…it was time for us to start our return journey…..we talked, talked n talked till we reached was around 4 in the early morning….the “short” drive was not completely successful to quench our thirst of talking…we continued to talk even at home till it was 5…..finally, unwillingly we went to bed…. It was an eventful night.

We decided to have many more trips like this very often. The result is that we are planning for a similar kinda trip in near future but this time a two-day trip…it could have happened the very next weekend but the “CAT” played the spoilsport… its being planned after the CAT on 19th of this month…..

Here are few cool pics…..

I was like this a couple of weeks back..

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


These days making a movie that deals with different and difficult subjects seems to be fashionable in Bollywood. It's interesting to watch how established stars are willing to appear in movies that they know may not have a favorite at the box office. Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, or KANK, Karan Johar's latest movie, doesn't disappoint in that regard provided you have the patience to sit through the full three and a half hours and overlook “a few” obvious shortcomings.
Why, may I ask, was Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, such a badly written and badly told story?
Was three and a half hours not enough for a director (who rather bizarrely claimed to have matured during its making!!!) to flesh out his characters, to make the audience believe that his point was (I suppose) not infidelity but true love found late, rather late? Was the storywriter sleeping while penning down a romance that didn’t strike a chord…that didn’t tug at any heartstrings? It didn’t even evoke a sigh among the viewers…. for a love affair that was supposedly so passionate that it ended two marriages?
I, for one, did not see the lead pair fall in love, at all. I didn’t see the compelling factors that drew them to each other. You don’t need men and women dressed in blue and red and melodious music to convey that. The actors failed even the soulful Mitwa, their drab emoting a sad contrast to the brilliant score.
KJ should know. He had Kajol crying in the rain in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and the theatre sobbed with her. In KANK, nobody cries. They are too busy looking at the watch, waiting for the movie to get over.
I would not blame the cold treatment to a supposed hot romantic true love found late story, on bad acting alone. The storyteller, I think, simply forgot to write scenes that showed how a much married man fell in love with another married woman.
Yes, I know the film (KANK) was dealing with ``matured’’ people, but, for god’s sake, for all the jazz on maturity the only way the ``committed’’ man and woman think of working on their marriages is by pepping up their bedroom lives? I read somewhere the subject was sensitively handled. Yeah, sure.
Another unexplored angle, which could have perhaps added so much to the poorly etched characters, was how the married man (who was happiest at the birth of his child, we are told) had no lines on the dilemma he was facing choosing between true love and his child? And, a foul-tempered father yelling at his child was the supposed comic element in the film?
KJ does make some calculated departures. He looks at infidelity in a non-judgmental way, doesn’t take any moral stand on the issue and doesn’t resort to the usual sindhoor and mangalsutra formula. But, like his earlier films, infidelity too gets grounded in the familiar friendship versus love debate. Should you marry someone just because you have fallen in friendship than in love? What should you do when true love comes after marriage? And so you have Dev and Maya… both rude, bad-tempered, whiny, grouchy, self-pitying people. That’s ok; losers too have a right to fall in forbidden love.... ... But then what is it that draws them so brutally together; where is the incredible pull? Do you walk out of a marriage because of a bad mood day; do you fall in love with another person because he is as much of a sourpuss as you are? And when in love, don’t you grow and change? Dev and Maya stay stiff and stuffy, more affected than affecting.

I am sure that the movie has already made enough profit for KJ to plan his next venture.
What amazes me the most is the taste of Indian female fraternities who have a big hand (apparently bigger than kanooon ke haath) in KANK's stupendous commercial success overseas. Figure this out: SRK gets slapped by Preity in the movie and there is a huge orgasmic "oooooooooohhhh" in the theatre. If we have such females whose facial contortions change with a speed at par with SRK's, then such success is just a unavoidable conclusion. In the hindsight though, I feel its stupid to watch the second half of the movie which has redefined Hooke's law of elasticity by its level of over-stretch. A small summary on some of the characters of KANK, in case you dont know already.

SRK (Dev): And SRK was, as stereotypical as ever. Now there is this increasing “sameness” in his recent performances. Whether he plays a lover boy, an army officer or an ex-football-player-turned-handicapped-husband, his acting is all the same…it has got that SRK touch in it. Dunno, some people like it, but someday or the other you are bound to get bored of it!

Rani(Maya): why is she unhappy with her hubby when he doted on her so much?? Biggest question which went unanswered. Her character was not sketched properly. But as always, she comes out with a good performance.

Abhishek(Rishi): acted well in whatever scope he got. Especially when he broke down when Amitabh was on his deathbed.

Preity(Ria): looks stunning. But has a very plastic role. Doesnt get much of a scope to display her dramatics.

Amitabh: He plays Abisheik’s (Rishi) father in the movie. Having lost his wife, he keeps flirting and sleeping with women who are half his age. Thats all he does in the entire movie and nothing else. Also, he finds out about the relationship between his daughter-in-law (Maya) and Dev and keeps quite about it for a long time.

KANK is so mercilessly commercial that a serious, sensitive issue called Marriage has been played around with! The theme is novel and maybe true for marriages that happen abroad but the way the theme has been dealt with is very disappointing.

The only worthy thing, in my opinion is the song Mitwa sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan, singer from the Pak band Fuzon.
My thought while leaving the theater was that it's a pity Indian movies lack a rating system, for this is not a family movie. Anyone who went as such would probably leave disappointed (as did my friends). The movie and individual scenes did not feel 'cheap', but the topic was certainly inappropriate for children present at the theater.
For people who hate this movie due to the moral issue, I'll say this - It's a movie. It deals with an affair, which doesn't need to have a good reason. It probably wasn't the happy movie with the happy ending you expected. Also, if you're the person who complains that Indian movies always have the same storyline, and then has issues with the subject of this film, I'll call you a hypocrite.
On the other hand, this movie touched a tough subject, tried to include something for everyone, and ultimately lacked the depth to pull it off. If you tell me you were simply exhausted by the 3.5 hours, slow moving story, and the typical forgiveness found in hindi movies, I'd probably agree. A DVD would have been better; alas I didn't have a fast forward option in the theater.

Here is the dialogue that troubled me a little: "Rishtey baaton se nahin, haalaton se bante hain". I hope that's not true, although I know circumstances do play an important role in forming relationships.

At least one thing KJ got right: the message of the film - "All relationships must be based on a firm foundation of love. Coz if the foundation is weak, it is bound to break, no matter what you do."

Lastly I want to say one more thing: THANK YOU KJ, Thanks for making Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna even if the movie turned out so bad. People who have been in relationships which they know for sure were dead and stuck to it because of various reasons will relate to this movie. Most ppl will walk out of the theater and forget this movie but those few who see their old/current friends, lovers and (ex)spouses in the places of your characters will never forget KANK and never forget KJ.

PS: Usually I don’t use the blog space to explain the drawbacks of a movie…but I got disappointed seeing the movie…I had lot of expectations abt this ….went home in heavy rains @ 2 am from the theater….wasted 30 min to dry my hair….all these made me horribly furious…and this is the outcome….

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

wake up

I sometimes have ominous dreams of catastrophe. The world is going to end - for various reasons - and I'm on a desperate mission to save it. There's a jar of magical uranium on a shelf ten miles away, and if it falls and breaks, the universe will explode, and people's eyeballs will drip down their cheeks like tears. Or my dear friend is in grave danger, trapped in a cave underground, and I've got to rescue her before she suffocates. Or I myself am fighting to defend my family's home, waving my sword against three fierce onlookers who want to chop us into soup-sized pieces.

Usually the rescue attempt never quite succeeds. I arrive just in time to see the uranium jar topple, in slow motion, far away across the room, or I dig down into the cave only to find my friend already dead, or the warrior I'm fighting hacks my arm off, and then they all surround me. In the moment just before kinetic disaster descends, there's a moment of stillness, overwhelming horror. My heart thumps, my mind races in terrified denial: Oh shit I'm going to die this is real in just a few seconds there will be nothing, nothing at all if only I'd - oh I made so many mistakes I could have avoided this - oh God it's too late it's too late - and then I wake up. It's usually not with a scream but with a gentle gasp.

These sound like nightmarish dreams, but the mornings that follow them are wonderful. I can't describe the sense of blissful oceanic relief that follows the realization that it was just a dream. It wasn't true! The world remains! My friend is not a worm ridden corpse, she's well and happy and probably eating her breakfast right now! My left arm is still attached to my body - I can wiggle it and feel my fingers - and I'm alive, alive, alive. On the days that follow these terrible dreams, colours are brighter, tastes are sweeter, everything in the world is more vivid and precious, and the sense of wondrous, shocking gratitude never quite leaves me.

Occasionally, when I have these dreams, they become lucid. That is, I'll realize I'm dreaming, even though I don't wake up. When that happens, they instantly lose their dread, and become interesting movies. Ah, I'll think to myself, even as I frantically dodge and dance during the swordfight, that's not actually my left arm lying there severed on the ground, pumping blood. This is just a dream! I can wake up whenever I want. But I think I'd like to see what happens next.The last stage of the yogic journey is Samadhi, or enlightenment, after which you acknowledge that everything in the world is simply Maya, or illusion, and you recognize the universal spirit in all things. I wonder if it's anything like that: waking up from an unhappy dream.

Friday, May 26, 2006

it isn't cool yet...

25 may 2006 ,Bangalore….temperature izz supposedly dropping as compared to the last few weeks. What izz dis ‘temperature’ that people keep talking and commenting at their free will about???????

Temperature in the AIR????….izz that all????? What about temperatures in the mind???? Are these two
complementary or are they in race to substitute each other……thy is the question’….with due regards to the
“Shakespearean era” I want this to be answered!!!!

War for and against quotas, controversies around the much-awaited flick (hard code to crack???), never
ending violence in the city of gardens (so called!!!), confronting horrendous roads (turned sand basins),
nerve wrecking exam results, power cuts………..and more and more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see the mercury
blowing up to its greatest heights in just a few of the events that are mentioned.

I feel, we, the breed of mankind and the fine members of the basket of homo sapiens cause the
temperatures………and these temperatures are beyond the body comfort or discomfort zones…they are
states of mind….
And as some say “one has to learn to see the ‘glass half full’ and the ‘candle light’ as a source of power and
‘act rather than complain’”, I am acting and posting this blog to remind the fellow bloggers and the readers of
this blog: that it isn’t cool yet!!!!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

one morning

Well let's say it's a beautiful spring morning, juicy tips of green on trees like a baby's eyelashes, and she pops her head out of the door to greet her husband, who, with his coffee mug and the newspaper is standing on the porch. And he's talking to a man at the bottom of the stairs, a miserable leprous spirit of a man, with a sad secret mouth and eyes of absurd need with red spots in the very center of each one. The man on the stairs is asking for money and although he's standing at the very bottom step, she can feel the tendrils of his desperate need curling and reaching up the stairs and through the porch and around the whole house. Her husband looks at her and she says "Hi" and he says "Hi" then she looks at the man on the stairs and says "Hi" and he says nothing.
She is wearing a loose blue cotton skirt and her arms are bare. He looks at her with a shadow of desire hidden behind a wall of sorrow and then he turns to her husband and he says, a statement not a question, "So that's your..." Her husband says, "Yes. That's my wife." There's a pause, three people on the porch and the sunshine and the wind in the leaves.
Her husband says, "I'm sorry my friend, you have to go."
The man on the stairs says, "Well do you know any place - any place to go?" Her husband says, "No, I can't help you."
The man on the stairs turns and walks away without looking back, and she watches him and then she looks at her husband and he looks at her and she says, "But - I think I know some places he could go - there's the temple on Mallige road - or the Krishna temple in Iyyengar Circle - " and her husband says "Forget it." She glares at him and slams the door as she goes back into the house, and a few minutes later he follows her in.
"Did you just slam the door on me?"
"I wanted to help him. He was so sad."
"Why do you care so much?"
"Because he was miserable and we are happy."
"That's what you need to live with in a city. You need to shield yourself, or you'll never survive."
"But there's so much pain in the world."
"Look, if you care so much why don't you make him a sandwich?"
"How can I find him?"
"He told me where he was going. He's with his mother, sitting in front of the bakery, a block away."
"He's with his MOTHER?"
"That's right."
So she very noisily and angrily opens the fridge and begins packing last night's leftovers into a carton.
"You're giving him my lunch?"
She glares. "That's right."
"That's hundred bucks for me to buy one."
She glares. "Fine, I'll make him a new sandwich."
"I was only kidding."
She continues making the new sandwich and he does not stop her. She pours some flakes into the lunch carton and packs it into a bag and starts and then she goes back and puts the whole jar of flakes into the bag. She stares at her husband in case he noticed this. Then she heads for the door.
"You're going without me?"
"I didn't think you wanted to come."
"Well, you thought wrong."
She slips on her flip-flops and walks outside. Her husband follows, still in loose pyjama pants. As both walk down the lane with the sun on their hair they must look a handsome couple and their neighbour the English professor waves a greeting. "Beautiful morning!" She smiles at him, the white-lie expression of a polite neighbour, and continues walking. There's a teenager listening to his Ipod in front of the bakery and a few friends chatting in front of the nearby cafe. Other than that nothing but a yellow dog wandering down the dusty street. Her husband shrugs. "Gone, just like that." She says nothing as they both walk back to the house.
"I wish I'd talked to him more, gotten his story," her husband says.
Still her icy silence.
"I don't think you understand, I was talking to him until you came out, but then I wanted him to go away. I wanted to protect you."

She breaks her silence."What do you think that pale man would have done for you to protect me?"
"He is not a beggar. I dont think he has a mother who, he told, was sitting in front of the bakery."
She is confused. "How do you know all these ?"
"Did you notice the change in his expressions when he saw you coming out and when I told him that you are my wife? He was expecting more from you than just food."
She is still in a confused state of mind."Then why didn't you stop me from going near bakery?"
"Well I knew that neither he nor his mother will be there near bakery!!. If I had told these things without going there then you would have had few speculations about my predictions."
"Were you so sure about your predictions?"
"Frankly speaking nobody can be perfect. I too didn't want to take any risk. So, I accompanied you to the bakery. If he was a true beggar, as he seemed to be, then I would have felt proud about my wife for being so kind."
"Aint you feeling proud now?" She smiles.
"Of course". He too smiles.
"I too feel proud for being maried to an intelligent and caring Psychiatrist."

PS: a million thanx to the people who helped me to minimise the flaws in the post and who helped to coin a suitable name for the post.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Imagine there's no heaven,
It's easy if you try,
No hell below us,
Above us only sky,
Imagine all the people
living for today...

Imagine there's no countries,
It isnt hard to do,
Nothing to kill or die for,
No religion too,
Imagine all the people
living life in peace...

Imagine no possesions,
I wonder if you can,
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man,
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one,
I hope some day you'll join us,
And the world will live as one.

written by John Lennon

This is probably one of the best songs i have heard.....wat abt u??

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Go Goa...

Hey guys, Did'nt have anything to type till now. Here comes a news. We are off to Goa today evening. Solid, Kirik, Srik, Me and Tata. Off for 4 days. Expecting an awesome time. After a long time. What we did, what we saw, what we played, what we ate, will al come in the next update. See ya people.