Friday, May 26, 2006

it isn't cool yet...

25 may 2006 ,Bangalore….temperature izz supposedly dropping as compared to the last few weeks. What izz dis ‘temperature’ that people keep talking and commenting at their free will about???????

Temperature in the AIR????….izz that all????? What about temperatures in the mind???? Are these two
complementary or are they in race to substitute each other……thy is the question’….with due regards to the
“Shakespearean era” I want this to be answered!!!!

War for and against quotas, controversies around the much-awaited flick (hard code to crack???), never
ending violence in the city of gardens (so called!!!), confronting horrendous roads (turned sand basins),
nerve wrecking exam results, power cuts………..and more and more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I see the mercury
blowing up to its greatest heights in just a few of the events that are mentioned.

I feel, we, the breed of mankind and the fine members of the basket of homo sapiens cause the
temperatures………and these temperatures are beyond the body comfort or discomfort zones…they are
states of mind….
And as some say “one has to learn to see the ‘glass half full’ and the ‘candle light’ as a source of power and
‘act rather than complain’”, I am acting and posting this blog to remind the fellow bloggers and the readers of
this blog: that it isn’t cool yet!!!!!