Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stand Still

I know that nothing is going great with me whenever I struggle to pen down an article. It has been months now, except for some very personal articles to very special person, I have written anything meaningful. I am more a technical writer now than a what-comes-to-mind kinda writer. Thanks to my current job!

I have even stopped using chat messenger as the biggest reason why I used to chat no longer exists, albeit temporarily.

It has been nearly three months I have a watched a full movie. Am I the same person who used to watch at least four movies per week!

And books; better I don't write anything about them. Sometimes I turn few pages of a novel gifted by someone close to my mind. Otherwise I have stopped reading non-technical stuffs.

I know it can't happen but my mind can never stop imagining - a second chance in life. Just the thought of going back at least by 4 years in life makes my imagination go wild.

Last week I cut my hair very short, shorter than I have ever had in my life. I think I have stopped caring about my looks anymore.

I think life is in a "stand still" mode.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Love etc

Have I ever said to you-
I love you blah blah blah?
This is the only thing etc. etc.
In my many years so far?

You are the best and
So on and on and so forth-
You are the only etc. etc.
Who gives my life some worth.

Your lovely eyes yada yada yada
Your enchanting etc. smile
I’ll do anything for you.
I’ll go that extra mile.

The words you speak
Those make me etcetera. etc. etcet.
There’s no other person in this world
Who’s made me feel this way as yet!

It’s really very nice to hear
All of this, that and the other.
But really, in this day and age?
Is it worth all the bother?

I would like to say a lot
Add this and that and so on and on….
Some more of this, a little of that
I could go on and on…

PS: Well it's not written by it somewhere while browsing...found it very interesting and funny :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why, Why and Why

Why does the cable connection go off only when I switch on the TV? (I am not a regular TV viewer, so do i deserve this?)

Why does a sales guy knock my door only when I take a rare afternoon nap?

Why does another sales guy come just minutes after the first guy has gone off and I am trying to get back to sleep?

Why do some people call up late at night and ask if I were sleeping?

Why do people as mentioned above smile and say "Sorry i did not realise that you had slept". By people I am referring to intelligents who are unable to understand that people usually sleep at that hour!

Why do motorists drive rashly but quickly blame other drivers if there is an accident?

Why do tele-marketing people single me out to market their products?

Why some people have forgotten that I do exist and never call up?

Still so many why(s) to be written but I save it for another day and stop ranting