Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why, Why and Why

Why does the cable connection go off only when I switch on the TV? (I am not a regular TV viewer, so do i deserve this?)

Why does a sales guy knock my door only when I take a rare afternoon nap?

Why does another sales guy come just minutes after the first guy has gone off and I am trying to get back to sleep?

Why do some people call up late at night and ask if I were sleeping?

Why do people as mentioned above smile and say "Sorry i did not realise that you had slept". By people I am referring to intelligents who are unable to understand that people usually sleep at that hour!

Why do motorists drive rashly but quickly blame other drivers if there is an accident?

Why do tele-marketing people single me out to market their products?

Why some people have forgotten that I do exist and never call up?

Still so many why(s) to be written but I save it for another day and stop ranting

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Anonymous said...

I guess the article is Insanely Crime for people to read