Thursday, July 09, 2009

Love etc

Have I ever said to you-
I love you blah blah blah?
This is the only thing etc. etc.
In my many years so far?

You are the best and
So on and on and so forth-
You are the only etc. etc.
Who gives my life some worth.

Your lovely eyes yada yada yada
Your enchanting etc. smile
I’ll do anything for you.
I’ll go that extra mile.

The words you speak
Those make me etcetera. etc. etcet.
There’s no other person in this world
Who’s made me feel this way as yet!

It’s really very nice to hear
All of this, that and the other.
But really, in this day and age?
Is it worth all the bother?

I would like to say a lot
Add this and that and so on and on….
Some more of this, a little of that
I could go on and on…

PS: Well it's not written by it somewhere while browsing...found it very interesting and funny :)