Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why be in love?

I have been sitting here thinking of the meaning of love. What is love? Who defined it? How can anyone define something so convoluted? To me I think it is the strangest feeling that anyone can experience. Once you get to that stage of loving someone, it just becomes an uncontrollable feeling. A feeling that you cannot understand. And once it is gone.. life becomes like a dark cloud; always gloomy.

That is just an explanation of the two extremes - being in love with someone or breaking up.

However, what happens when it is only a one sided love? What happens when you love someone so much and they just don’t feel the same way about you? What will you do? How long can you live that way? That is the hardest kind of love. It is very painful. Probably the worst kind of love.

So why is love so great? It is only great if it is positively working out, but that is not the case for so many people. Not everyone is the same.