Friday, November 10, 2006

Naya daur…..nayi manzil

Well people if you are skeptical about the title then I should say why I opted for this. This is a catchy subtitle in one of the ads which is quite often seen on TV screens nowadays. The ad has a resemblance to me in the form of that hunky model. People who have been seeing me closely from past six/eight months might notice the change. Yeah you guessed it right. Amidst a lot of mixed reactions I have trimmed my long, silky hair to a decent length. Even though most of the people appreciated this I always liked that long hairy look. After all people love to see changes in everything they see. Whoa whoa …this is not all I want to say…

This happened on last Saturday night…..You may call it madness at night…..we drove for nearly 80 kms at midnight just to find a 24 hr-open CCD!!!!…I hope people of present generation won’t find it difficult to decipher the acronym…yeah its CafĂ© Coffee Day…. It was a strange and pleasant experience….it was decided just a day earlier….so we all geared up on last Saturday night for this event…we were 5….we started off at around 10 pm…cool breeze was blowing across and it was slightly drizzling…the environment was perfect….we had not taken food…so we landed in one of the many famous “#$%* mane“ restaurants on the Mysore road….. as we resumed our journey the rain picked up in volume…..heavy sound of the rain bustling outside the car and even louder was the sound from inside (song player + screaming)…we reached our destination, the CCD at around 12…had coffee/frappes/mocha/pastries for about 2 hours…..

Ambience was awesome....better than in some of the good restaurants in bengalooru…. The clock ticked 2 30…it was time for us to start our return journey…..we talked, talked n talked till we reached was around 4 in the early morning….the “short” drive was not completely successful to quench our thirst of talking…we continued to talk even at home till it was 5…..finally, unwillingly we went to bed…. It was an eventful night.

We decided to have many more trips like this very often. The result is that we are planning for a similar kinda trip in near future but this time a two-day trip…it could have happened the very next weekend but the “CAT” played the spoilsport… its being planned after the CAT on 19th of this month…..

Here are few cool pics…..

I was like this a couple of weeks back..