Monday, August 13, 2007


I love imagining things. So whenever somebody says something funny,  I'm the one to laugh more than anybody else as I imagine the rest of the doubt with a touch of bollywood in it. I don't have to try too hard, explicitly, imagining something, it just appears naturally before my eyes.

When I have nothing to do, my favourite pass time is imagining something…something really weird at times. Its more fun when I'm driving  or going for a walk. Well, I really like going for long walks. Sometimes I even go alone. okei, so lets get back to imagination.

Nowadays, as I'm away from home, I imagine the scene at the airport. It goes something like this :
I'm coming out in my favourite duds, with luggage on a trolley (the typical trolleys at the airport). Just near the gate, my parents and friends are eagerly watching all the people coming out searching for me. I'm also looking out for them and there I see them all, standing, waving and smiling and going really mad after seeing me. Everybody's face lights up and all of us flash a close-up smile..ear-to-ear smile.
I literally rush there and hug each one of them tightly. I'm surrounded by the people who love me the most and I feel like I'm in peace with the world again. A halo seems to appear over my head. It feels so good to be back again. Then each one examines me closely, and speaks out his/her observation. Someone says, "Hey your hair has grown so much.."  or "your skin has become tanned…" its all a mess. Well, I agree, because it already has become a mess and there are still few more months to go :). Someone would say, u have lost/gained weight. Whatever they say, I'll just laugh it off.
When we settle in our car, its time to start talking about the gifts that I have bought and most importantly chocolates !! I open a pack of chocolates and everyone just grabs them in no time.....I feel sleepy and tired after a long journey of 9 hours, but too happy to sleep.
Well, I'll stop here now...otherwise will start feeling really homesick…he he….
So that's about my imagination. I hope some of you also must be eager to indulge in this event when my imagination turns into a reallity.