Thursday, December 13, 2007

are matches made in the heaven ???

"are we accountable for our actions and the choices we end up making or is there a bigger force i.e., fate, guiding us towards our destiny.....if i be a little stubborn and end a relationship today, although having a good enough reason for my action, then if its my destiny to be with the same guy, then wud it be that he just hangs on even after i leave him no room for any further contact with me and somehow i end up giving in to him....and being with him for the rest of my life for better or for worse.......!!!!?????or wud he just never want to see me again once i end it with him ??? i responsible? "

A friend posed a question to me and another couple of friends. I seldom believe in fate so I pretended to her as if m thinking. I strongly believe that one gets only what he/she deserves through his/her actions. I din't want to tell her that I don't believe in fate b'cos the situation demanded me to remain silent.

As if to break the silence the other friend started telling his analysis.

"Why does everybody think that free will and God's design are mutually exclusive?

Think of it like this...God sets us multiple choice questions and we choose one of the answers. It applies to all decisions in life.

There is a destiny in the sense you cannot choose answers outside the set God has chosen for that question and there is human will in the sense that one is free to choose from the set one is confronted with.

Now let's apply this to relationships. We pass by hundreds of people every day in the streets yet nothing happens till one day an "incident" changes things and one of those humans comes into focus for us. This incident can be anything-bumping into someone, offering a seat on the subway, moving to a new area. This person becomes a part of the set we may choose from. Yet, this person is just one of the many we can choose from. There are elements of both, a divine plan (the incident) and human will (the choice)".

Being an atheist I tend to stay away from these kinda (God related) topics, especially while I am amongst those who believe, but what I really don't understand is why people bring in the God element in every possible discussion??? even though it's a different issue altogether whether to believe in such an entity or not.

They all are obsessed with the existence of a power which they can utilize when things tend to go out of their hands, when they feel weak or when they want to transfer the responsibilities on to 'his' ( or her :-)  ) shoulders when they feel that no longer they can carry them.

 Before we could settle in the beauty of silence again the one who was quiet till now started giving his part of the 'gyan' as if to make every one think in a totally different track (few people call it as lateral thinking….of course by mistake)

"Interesting how MY concept of destiny and fate is more scientific than religious… it can all be explained by the relative nature of TIME… We as human beings are trapped in the temporal space of time… we have to go THROUGH it to experience OUR future…

So what does that mean?

It means that our past, present and future (aka destiny by some) co-exist if the TIME factor is taken away… THAT future is destiny (that what has been predetermined because it technically exists NOW!) I probably am not making sense to most of you :) But it all depends on the concept of timelessness… which makes 'fate' and 'destiny' a VERY real thing.

Now as to what was originally posed as a question… are we responsible for our actions or is fate guiding us...

WE are responsible for our actions… fate cannot guide us… it EXISTS solely because of the decisions we make today… and so I like to believe "Destiny is dynamic" and it depends on TODAY".