Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Every child is special !

Aamir's presence did make sure that audience make it to the movie hall. But, from that point on it's Amole Gupte's screenplay and
Darsheel Safary's performance that hold the movie "Taare Zameen Par" together.
If we had anticipated so much from a debutant director- this movie justifies it. It cannot get further from what one would expect. It has none of the staples of Bollywood: no fancy camerawork, no glitzy song, no triple star cast; none of the vanities of a first film from a man who could have all of it at a whim. In hindsight it looks easy: success is a powerful negotiator: it commands sanction. Once Lagaan became an international hit, few needed to remember that Aamir floated his own production company to make the film because no other producer would back its harebrained magic.He has put in a lot of effort which is evident from the importance given to very minute details in the movie. The titles just blew me away. The kid's name appears first when the credits start rolling and his performance justifies that.
Aamir represents something harder, more complex. He whispers to people about their better selves. His stardom lies in his craft, his deep, almost uncanny, acumen to reach for the heart of things. The mystique of Aamir is that he is an idealist in an industry that does not require him to be one. That's his magic move. And it pays rich dividends.
How can this movie not be loved!
The screenplay holds you so tight that you are only and only with Ishaan. Even when the songs come, they flow so smoothly in and out of the movie that you don't bother to tap your foot or think if the music is good or if this song was required. Aamir has given utmost importance to the screenplay rather to himself which I felt only he could do. 99 out of 100 directors would have brought in Aamir, the hero, much earlier. His onscreen performance is above average but his offscreen work is outstanding. Its exceptional.
Coming to the performances, as I said before Darsheel Safary is a great find and Aamir as always is Aamir. Darsheel is the most talented child artist I have seen onscreen. I have no doubts that will be a strong contendor to SRK for the best male actor in the leading role award of the year.
The remaining cast of almost unknown actors also works perfectly. Tisca Chopra in particular made me remember my Mom in the theatre when the song Meri Ma was playing, as to say I missed her. The song touched my heart.
After all the bravado about parental mentality and rat-race, it is a bit unfair that Ishaan had to succeed in another rat race to redeem himself. Every child is special, so any need to actually outdo others and prove his speciality? Perhaps the only drawback of the film is its predictability. But then, while its predictable from start to finish, it manages to strike the perfect balance between sermon and story.
I think, more than kids this movie is a must see for parents. Even before the child enjoys the childhood , he is thrown into the competitive world and expected to excel only in academcis. Hopefully this movie will trigger some changes in the way we look at kids.
I thought of telling you people about a chinese movie which I happened to watch a couple of weeks ago. It has the same story line -that of dyslexia- but with few changes like the person who changes the fortune of the kid is his uncle and the kid excels in studies alone etc. Howmuchever I tried I couldn't recollect the name of the movie as chinese names are quite tough to remember.
Technical details apart. After seeing Aamir's excellent offscreen work a distant desire of witnessing an Aamir directorial movie with SRK in the lead role is popping up. Time will answer if my desire will be fulfilled or not. And needless to say that I'm sporting a spunky Aamir TZP hairstyle nowadays.
My advice to all who still haven't seen the movie: Go and watch it now. You dont get to see these kind of great movies very often. Don't be afraid to cry either – most of the movie hall is with you.