Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Long live dearie angel

The melancholy i feel
I can not explain
You left before i had my chance
To tell how much i loved you
Missing you forever

Not wanting to let forget
Wishing you could come back
But knowing you from within
I know you watch out for me
As my own personal guardian angel

May be someday down the lane
I'll see you once again
Your presence lingers behind
Hunting me in the dark

The love i feel wouldn't fade away
And neither will the pain
But i know that as my angel
You will protect me
As i protect your memories

Be my angel as you have always been
Else there's none to guard me, to guide me
Whenever i'm standing at the cross road

Long live dearie angel
For years to come,
Keep showering your lovely smile upon me
As long as i live