Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stand Still

I know that nothing is going great with me whenever I struggle to pen down an article. It has been months now, except for some very personal articles to very special person, I have written anything meaningful. I am more a technical writer now than a what-comes-to-mind kinda writer. Thanks to my current job!

I have even stopped using chat messenger as the biggest reason why I used to chat no longer exists, albeit temporarily.

It has been nearly three months I have a watched a full movie. Am I the same person who used to watch at least four movies per week!

And books; better I don't write anything about them. Sometimes I turn few pages of a novel gifted by someone close to my mind. Otherwise I have stopped reading non-technical stuffs.

I know it can't happen but my mind can never stop imagining - a second chance in life. Just the thought of going back at least by 4 years in life makes my imagination go wild.

Last week I cut my hair very short, shorter than I have ever had in my life. I think I have stopped caring about my looks anymore.

I think life is in a "stand still" mode.